• Candles for Gaza

    Cycling back from the swimming pool I see a group of people with candles. I stop for a minute and walk to ask what they do that for. Leading to the question : 

    Hi, what are you lighting candles for ?
    For Gaza.
    I consider her answer.
    For Gaza, or for peace ?
    She changes her face straight away.
    Well for peace of course, and for the people in Gaza. Who are suffering.
    As she changed her face in the another-fucking-jew-related-moron-fuck-off-you-fucking-idiot-face while looking away, I thought it was appropriate to start changing mine too, into the I'm-smiling-at-how-unsurprising-this-answer-is-and-of-course-i'm-not-going-to-ask-you-what-about-the-365-other-days-Israel-gets-civils-targeted-bombs-don't-worry-face.
    Because I know she knows and she knows I know, poor old retired lady and her hypocrite christian compassion. 
    Another retired lady (oh yeah, that's a fact you might not be aware of : in the UK all peace demonstration and volonteering is done by old retired ladies,) this other lady says, with a little voice, it's also for the people in Israel, because they (apparently?!) suffer too.
    I wish she had talked to me first, which is silly, of course.



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