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    I was born and raised in Northern France, I am currently living on the south coast of England.
    I work with a 6x6 Yashica and Fuji Film, and I use a Hasselblad scaner.
    I love and enjoy darkroom printing, and I don't see why I shouldn't love photoshop and pictures on screen as well.
    Curiosity, skepticism and respect are what would be my religion if I had one.
    Most of those pictures where taken in the summer of 2008.
    I believe diptychs multiply the reading possibilities and transcend the author's intention without necessarily betraying them.
    I think photographic portraiture is an incommensurable theme and that's why it's interesting. It's like people, you cannot know, or understand, or see, everything, and this very fact doesn't stop anyone from trying.

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