• "I don't know where he is, I don't know where they are" ( Cat Power - Names )

    "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"
    je laisse ma soeur à l'arrière de la voiture, je m'enfuie,
    et je ne me rend pas compte que j'ai pris une balle avant d'atterir dans une autre voiture.
    Je faisais de la trotinette sur le bord de la route,
    avant, ou après.

    J'avais pas mal. C'est juste une balle dans le dos,
    un trou dans la poitrine.

    "are you ok ? You look worried"
    (that's just my normal face, the one I wear everyday every hour - (), looking worried. At least I don't look sad )
    "im ok, go ahead"
    banal tests
    ADD, if at least i was looking mad, it would have been fun.
    "but, I guess it is very stressing... to feel that you cannot remember things...?"
    Non, c'est le pied, tous les jours, j'te jure essaye c'est super.
    Suddenly it hurts, I feel my face going red as I hear
    "I can't remember anything my first love, I mean my first boyfriend told me. I had a chat with him, and I kept asking him to tell me stuff he remembers. I just couldn't remember, nor by myself neither with what he described, not one thing." (just to make sure she understands I really feel great about not fucking remembering)
    " When was that ? This conversation ?"
    " I don't know. Two weeks ago."

    doch egal.

    I want a stamp, one stating it's not my thoughts, but my psysical brain.
    I want one.

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    Samedi 8 Décembre 2007 à 03:30
    maaaaaaaaad wooooorld...
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