• From Disconnection (letter to G)

    It's all grey
    rain in the air, in the sky and on the ground
    but not a drop falling on anyone's head-  at least not mine. Weird cherish south England weather...

    I have a picture from my brother, and from a seagull at "home" I want to send you,
    and finished my "people from somewhere else living in this city" project ( waiting to be mounted on aluminium, that promises to be fun, I can't wait) that I shall scan to send you.
    Thus : this is a reminder for you to remind me
    ( it all makes perfect sense ).
    The library is still cold,
    I still hate making power point presentations (ah gnagna I've looked at this blah blah and her too work around this concept blahblah thats why me and I and myself gnagnagna  blah),
    English boys are still boys, even if they smell good,
    Kenichi san is having a hard time processing his color films himself,
    planes fly above the city and trains pass it by,
    as I walk from places I don't know to places I don't know, neither.
    Including my room.
    But I have a new white rabbit soft toy that likes me a lot
    and the new Amon Tobin album stroking my hair,
    and I don't worry about sending you e-mails to remind me to remind me.
    everything is absoluuuuutely fine ( note the British accent ).
    Please give me some news when you have time,
    I don't know anything about the country you live in...

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