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    It's all very funny, very funny indeed
    i just wonder how it's gonna go
    it's suddenly hilarious
    everything, the whole house, the whole town, the whole society haunting this island, all the people on earth,
    all the books that have been writen, all the images put together to makes movies, all the things people say,
    the way we all are :
    it's hilarious.

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  • I don't know how comes it just suddenly went about a boat and a right and left hands that wouldn't move that much anymore,just staying in an embrace with themselves, and about night and rain and very, very stupid words and
    v e l v e t

    on our shoulders, but not        of  the same color   -

    and suddenly all the cries of the world at that precide second
    came like rain all over me         -

    then I poured the next pint and tried to forget about that guy who one time
    was so well inspired by my naivity
    that it still affects me, way too often, in ways i'm not allowed to talk about.

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  • I cannot believe that for two years people kept the existence of Marmite, queen and king of spread, secret.
    I feel betrayed.

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  • 'était lundi soir on a mangé du crumble tard le soir et du marmite sur du pain apres
    avoir vu claire dans un pub avec des cloches pour la dernière tournée
    j'suis montée derrière un velo y'avait un garçon dessus demain je me leverais tôt pour bosser seule
    ayumi lisse ses cheveux j'ai pris des photos dans la douche

    it's all weird
    it tastes like middle sized town in England at night
    it's all weird

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