• Do you read enough ?

    This guy I had never seen came to me and said
    "do you read enough to make your pictures interesting ? "
    So I looked at him,
    and asked back how on earth you can KNOW if you read enough or not
    Then he said I look like a very intelligent girl (that makes two crazy people telling me this within one single week)
    I made a look and moved my arms, the whole thing saying "oh yeah really you can say that by waching me serving beers ?" (yes, really, I said all that just by moving my arms and making a face)
    And then he said something about the fact that he hated something in me, really, sorry, but I hate it.
    And went away.

    Never seen him before,
    couldn't find him later.

    I think he hated it because he couln't answer the question neither.

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