• adults

    Jim - Why do they repeat the same things in different sentences ?

    And they do. They are doing it for at least the 4th time when he asks,
    and they'll do it a couple of times more until we can be "free again".

    Fang - Don't know. 'Cause they're humans? No. Because they're adults ?
    Jim - ...

    (he is on the verge of crying - well we're all stuck in that bloody room with bloody strangers
    telling us what to do to be a successful and rich and pretentious arse after we graduate.
    I feel like standing up and ask what about all the things you say really don't make me want to become a photographer,
    AT ALL, like downright not ?)

    Fang-  Don't worry, we're not there yet (repeating five times the same thing in the same minute)
    Jim  - When I am there : shoot me.
    Fang - Fine.

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